The dogs need you!

There is a never ending need for new volunteers to help care for the dogs.  As we are growing and getting busier, we need more volunteers to help provide the dogs with socialization, training, and just good old play time.  Please come by for an application and to see how you can help with the care of the dogs!

We currently are looking for the following positions to be filled;

         Media Coordinator

         Volunteer Coordinator

          Event Coordinator

Please contact the Shelter if interested in more information regarding these positions.

Things for Potential Volunteers to Consider

  • You must be 16 or older to become a volunteer. (16 year olds need to do be accompanied by an adult until they turn 17)
  • When possible Volunteers must commit to a regular schedule.
  • Volunteers will be given an orientation and training session.
  • Applicants will be submitted to a CORI check.

Volunteering Oppertunities:

       Kennel chores & ground maintenance

        Dog Socialization


        Hiking with Shelter dogs

        Events and media promotion

        Office Support