Dog Adoption

Want to adopt a dog? Here’s how!

  • Come to our Shelter not only to fill out the Adoption Application, but also to check out the dogs we have at that time.
  • Fill out an application for the dog you are interested in. Please make sure to include phone numbers for references so we can contact them.
  • Dogs are placed based on the best home for the dog.  We do not place dogs based on first application received.
  • We do require that your current pets be up to date on their vaccines and that if you own a dog that you give a monthly heartworm preventative. 

In the meantime, what do our dogs get before they can be adopted?

Before being placed up for adoption each dog:

  • is spayed or neutered
  • is vaccinated and microchipped, and checked for heartworm disease
  • receives needed treatments for current medical issues
  • receives training with our dog behaviorist as needed
  • participates in enrichment programs with our volunteers
  • is socialized with other dogs and new people to become more adoptable