Adoption Application

The goal of our Adoption Program is to find permanent, loving, responsible homes for the animals in our care.  We try to find a match that considers not only the best interests of the animal, but those of people as well.

Please note: we do require all current pets in the home to be spayed or neutered (unless they are intact for showing), and that all pets be current on vaccines and dogs should be on heatrworm prevention.  We may not approve an Adoption application if these criteria are not met. 

When completing the application please remember to include contact information for your references.  Phone numbers are preferred to email. 

Personal Information:

Do you:

Do you live in:

Your Veterinarian's Information:

Personal/Professional References:

Why do you want to adopt a dog?

The average annual cost for caring for a dog is $1500. This figure does not include any emergencies that may take place.

Are you prepared for this cost?

Do you agree to attend basic obedience classes with your dog?

All adoptions are subject to acceptance based upon review of the information collected. The decision to adopt a pet to an applicant is based solely on the shelter's judgment. We reserve the right to refuse adoption to anyone without disclosing the reasons.

I understand that while this dog has passed a temperament and medical evaluation, we cannot guarantee and are not responsible for the medical or behavioral issues that may arise, or for the accuracy of information received about the temperament, habits, or physical condition of this dog.

I hereby apply to adopt this dog. In consideration of review of my application, I state that all information I have given is true and complete.